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    2023/2024 Schedule Change Information & Deadlines

    *Students must make their course selections for the 2023-24 school year no later than January 20, 2023.

    Selecting courses is the combined responsibility of the student, parent, and counselor.  A student’s schedule is the result of a prior planning process shaped by the student’s interests, educational needs, and goals.  During that process, teachers will make student course recommendations, and students will make and prioritize elective choice requests.  The results of this process are then used to build the master schedule, balance class sections, and manage teacher course loads.  

    Students are therefore expected to remain committed to choices made during the selection process.  Students contemplating a course change should discuss their reasoning with their guidance counselor.  All requests for schedule changes require teacher communication, parental consent, and approval by the supervisors and/or the principal. Changes are subject to established deadlines, space availability in the new course, and are granted due to specific reasons at the discretion of the administration.

    Schedule Change Window - 8/15/23-8/30/23

    * Students must complete a Schedule Change Request Form which can be accessed by following the link.

         Reasons for processing a schedule change include the following:

    1. Missing a course

    2. Missing a lunch

    3. Having two (2) courses in the same period

    4. Scheduled for a course in which he/she has already received a passing grade (i.e. last school year or summer school)

    * No schedule changes will be made due to teacher preference or interest in joining friends in a particular class.

    Add/Drop Window - 9/1/23-9/30/23

    An add/drop during Marking Period 1 will only be made due to extraordinary circumstances, and will be based on individual and specific student scheduling issues which are to be communicated to guidance counselors in consultation with the administration.  It is encouraged that all schedule changes occur prior to the start of the school year.  Adding/dropping courses during the first marking period will be based on course availability and class size, will consider multiple factors, and will require administrative approval.  

    Level Change Requests

    For any approved level change,  any class dropped after the start of the second marking period will result in a withdraw pass or withdraw fail (WP) or (WF) notated on the student’s official transcript.  Formal parental communication with the student’s counselor and/or building administration, along with a parent/guardian  written request may be required.



    2023-2024 Course Scheduling Information will be available shortly. 

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