• Elmwood Park Public Schools Green Team 

    In our commitment to creating a more sustainable and environmentally responsible school district, we have established a Green Team. This team, composed of dedicated educators, administrators, and community stakeholders, will lead our efforts to achieve certification from Sustainable Jersey, a prestigious program that recognizes and supports sustainability initiatives in schools and communities across our state.

    *  Meetings are held quarterly or as needed.

    This team will review and evaluate sustainable initiatives and make recommendations to the district regarding the feasibility of implementing these initiatives with the goal of creating a “greener”, more sustainable community. These initiatives will be sure to meet the present needs of its citizens without compromising the ability to provide for its future generations. This shall be achieved through the implementation of environmental practices and initiatives which will provide a healthy and sustainable district and enhance the quality of life for our students and community members.  

    Information on Sustainable Jersey can be found by visiting http://www.sustainablejersey.com/.

    Actions Completed

    • Formation of the district Green Team

    • Board of Education adoption and resolution affirming participation. 

    • District commitment toward Digital Schools certification

    Actions in Progress

    • Digital Schools certification

    • Green Cleaning Supplies

    • District adoption of a Sustainability Policy 

    Actions Under Consideration

    • TBD - 2023-2024 School Year

    Sustainable NJ – Idle Free New Jersey, No –Idling Resolution for Schools


  • District Green Team Members

    Dr. Jillian Torrento, Assistant Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. David Warner, Director of Planning & Innovation

    Mrs. Corinne DiMartino, High School Principal 

    Mrs. Karen Fasouletos, Middle School Principal

    Mrs. Allison Jackter, Gantner Avenue School Principal

    Mr. Michael Alberta, Gilbert Avenue School Principal

    Mrs. Danielle Sharples, 16th Avenue School Principal 

    Mrs. Maria Kittaneh, EPEA 

    Mrs. Alison Zinno, EPEA 

    Mr. Steve Bakreski, Director Of Facilities

    Mr. Mark Jacobus, Business Administrator/Board Secretary

    Elmwood Park Board of Education (designee)

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