The Gantner Avenue School has served the children of Elmwood Park since 1929. It has an ethnically, racially, and culturally diverse student body organized in a Pre-Kindergarten through grade five model. The school is a neighborhood school with respect for tradition and a commitment to progress.

    The primary goal of the Gantner Avenue School is to provide a comprehensive educational experience in a safe and caring environment that allows each and every child to realize his or her individual potential. It is our intention to educate the whole child. Therefore, academic offerings are blended with extra curricular and family activities. The school views itself as a community which includes students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, neighbors and community organizations such as scouting and the recreation department.

    Curriculum Offerings

    The Gantner Avenue School offers its students a challenging curriculum taught by a team of elementary school teachers and content area specialists. The Special Education Program has self-contained, resource rooms and modified mainstream options. Support services such as Counseling, Child Study Team, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy are available as needed. A full day Pre-K Disabled program and a full day Kindergarten program are also offered at Gantner Avenue School.

    Core Curriculum Content Standards

    All instruction at the Gantner Avenue School is based upon the New Jersey State Learning Standards. These revised standards are being fully implemented. Students and teachers are working hard to prepare for the PARCC in third, fourth, and fifth grades, which will be given in the spring. The assessments will determine a pupil’s knowledge of the new standards in language arts literacy, mathematics, and science.


    Technology is both a subject and an educational tool at the Gantner Avenue School. Technology is integrated into the curriculum. Every classroom is equipped with a computer, Smart Boards, software, internet access, cable television, video cassette recorders, overhead projectors, and calculator sets. The library/media center houses a computer lab. All students spend at least one period per week in this facility.

    Parental Involvement

    Parents are very involved and always welcome at the Gantner Avenue School. Numerous formal and informal parent-teacher conferences take place on a regular basis. Parents serve on committees that develop, implement, and monitor the school’s annual objectives. Field trips, parties, dances, athletic events and promotion ceremonies would not be possible without parent chaperones.

    The Parent-Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) is very active at Gantner Avenue Elementary School. Fundraising by the P.T.O. finances assembly programs every year, presented by independent professionals, and provides funds for many of our field trips. On an annual basis, the P.T.O. will ask the school to provide a wish list of items that they can purchase to support the students of Gantner Avenue School. A PTO fifth grade committee also plans events that ease student transition to middle school, bringing positive closure to the elementary school experience.