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Week 2 –Community & Population Ecology   A population is a group of individuals of a single species living in the same general area. Population ecology explores how biotic and abiotic factors influence the density, distribution, size, and age structure of populations.  A community is a group of populations of different species living close enough to interact.   Explain how resource partitioning can prevent competitive exclusion among two competing species. Use an example in your description. In a given population of trout in a stream, the population size has been:1998 – 36 1999 – 40 2000 – 42 2001 – 39 2002 – 40 2003 – 38 Does this population seem to exhibit a logistical or exponential growth pattern? How do you know?   What is the K value for this population of trout in this stream?  3. Discuss two examples of the impact of human population growth on abiotic components of the environment. For each example, explain how a change in the abiotic component will impact the biotic component of the biosphere.
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Animal behavior is about two main things: survival and reproduction. Animals live their daily lives responding to different stimuli in their environments. Some animals are prone to weird behaviors like lizards doing push-ups or birds doing the moon walk, but all behaviors have a reason.    Please post your response to the following questions by Wednesday Sept. 16, 2015.   Additionally, respond to 3 of your classmates by Sunday Sept.  20, 2015.   Define what proximate and ultimate causes are for animal behavior and population ecology. Use an example for each definition. Some wild animals are kept in zoos all year long. What effect, if any, does this change of habitat have on their behaviors? Give two examples to support your answer. Study your pet or your friends pet for an hour. Record data based on the behaviors you observe. You do not have to post your data here, but you need to post a summary of behaviors, what they may mean, and what your role was during the observation. The first lab we will be doing is based on the behavior of mice. What are 2 different stimuli you would want to test with a mouse?  Give specific reasons for these tests.
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Hey all,    We are going to be using this blog to post weekly homework assignments and review for exams. Each week you will have to answer a prompt and respond to four of your classmates. You will be graded on your initial response as well as your responses to other posts. -Miss Soto
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