Special Services

The Special Services department includes Child Study Team, speech, physical, and occupational therapy services, resource center programs and self-contained special education classes.

The Child Study Team (CST) consists of 4 school psychologists, 3 school social workers, a learning disability teacher consultant (LDT-C) and 3 full-time speech language therapists.  The Team helps children who are demonstrating social, emotional, and/or learning problems which result in an educational disability. The Child Study Team also acts as a consultant for general education teachers and parents in other special needs situations. 

The New Jersey Administrative Code (NJAC 6A:14) describes in detail all the services required and provided by the district through special services. NJAC 6A:14 can be obtained at the State of New Jersey Department of Education.

Anthony Iachetti, Director of Special Services, Ext. 2323

Tammy McLoughlin, Confidential Secretary/ Special Services, Ext. 2323

Lisa Acinapura, School Social Worker, Memorial Middle School, Ext. 2948

Rachel Kleinman, School Psychologist, Memorial Middle School, Ext. 2947

Robyn Brody, School Psychologist, Memorial Middle School, Ext. 2943

Shannon Lucas, School Social Worker, Gantner Avenue School, Ext. 3967

Joseph Paladino, School Social Worker, Memorial High School, Ext. 2836

Jennifer Surniak, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, 16th Avenue Elementary School, Ext. 2945

Natalie Hernandez, School Psychologist, Gilbert Avenue School, Ext. 2929

Florencia Maria Torres, School Psychologist, District, Ext. 2853